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year a revival in Mexico City resulted in the professed conversion of
nearly 1,000. There is a new eagerness to read Christian literature.
And the tragic events of the past seven years may have paved the way
for Mexico's spiritual rebirth.

The attitude of the Government toward Protestant missions is dis-
tinctly favorable, in spite of the apparent obstacles in the constitution.
Some well informed friends say that the provisions of the constitution
are misunderstood by many and deliberately misinterpreted by others.
It has in no case vitally interfered with Protestant work. Missionaries
are very scrupulous about observing to the letter its provisions with
reference to foreigners taking part in the religious instruction of the
people. The real purpose of this legislation has been to eliminate the
vast numbers of foreign Roman Catholic priests who have been imported
to Mexico since the Catholic Church was disestablished in France and
in the Philippine Islands. While American missionaries are not per-
mitted to serve as pastors of churches, many of them remain in Mexico
to administer their work, teach in the schools, publish literature and
periodicals and aid the native workers in every way possible. They leave
it to Mexican pastors to administer the sacraments, preach and conduct
formal religious services. This will mean a large development of the
native ministry.

The largest regular Sunday congregation in the Republic of Mexico
is-at the bull-ring. The next largest, out-numbering the gathering
in any church or cathedral, is at the Mexican preaching service in the
Methodist Church in Calle Gante. There never was a time in Mexico
when the Gospel seemed to come so near the hearts of the impoverished
and distressed people. There are seven hundred children regularly in
Methodist Sunday-schools in the capital on Sunday mornings.

THE unfortunate breaking down of law and order in Russia, with
the consequent menace to the allied cause, and to the freedom
of Rumania and Persia, has not lessened the interest of
American Christians in the spiritual welfare of Russians. This is
shown not only in the efforts of various religious organizations to
call attention to Russia's great need in this crisis, but has a practical
expression in the Russian Bible and Educational Institute, established
by Rev. William Fetler in Philadelphia. This school has now one
hundred students and is preparing Russians for service in their own

A special call has been issued for conference and prayer on behalf
of Russia, to meet in the Moody Bible Institute, Chicago, from June
24th to 28th. This call is signed by some of the best known Christian
leaders of all Evangelical denominations in America. In the call the


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