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following statement is made as to the great problem of Russia's

The Revolution in Russia has resulted in throwing open to the
Gospel the largest country, with its largest population of white people,
in the world. There are 182,000,000 people in Russia, and yet there
are not as many evangelical workers as in the city of Chicago
alone, Any adequate evangelization plan must embrace not only the
hundred million native Russians, but also the seven million Jews, the
twenty million Poles, the thirty million Ukranians, millions of Mo-
hammedans (Tartars, Kurds, Kirghiz, etc.) Armenians, Roumanians
and Greeks, and besides these the Bulgarians, Servians, Croatians,
Montenegrins and other related Slavonic peoples.

The propaganda of atheism and materialism is already assuming
awful proportions. There is no time to lose. The Greek Orthodox
Church is rapidly losing its grip upon the hears of the people, and
before long large masses of simple religiously inclined Russians may
be led astray into complete infidelity. Millions of people are looking
for something different.

The greatest immediate need is the printing and circulating of
a least a million copies of the Russian Bible, three million copies of
the New Testament and a large supply of the very best Russian
evangelical liturature. Then several undred evangalists, colporteurs
and Christian workers must be trained and equipped for service in
Russia. Already one hundred Russians in America have offered
themselves for soul-saving service in their native land and are now in
training, and there are also hundreds of converted and educated men in
Russia who have suffered for their faith and who now need to be
rallied and encouraged.

A vital factor in the realization of a comprehensive plan for
Russia must be the evangelization of the Russian and other Slavonic
people in America in order that they may return to their native lands
fully equipped for effective service. The united prayers of God's
people everywhere must be offered up in behalf of these long neglected

The conference will be led by Rev. William Fetler and a choir
of about fifty students from the Russian Bible Institute of Phila-
delphia are expected to sing their Russian hymns, Russian and other
Slavonic evangelists and missionary workers of the Chicago Tract
Society will also assist. This conference may mark an epoch in Russian
history and in the progress of Christianity.

What will be reserved for the Russia of the future? Will she lose
her body and gain her soul? Alread she has lost the Ukraine in the
South, Poland, Finland, Courland, Livonia and Eshonia. With the
setting of her political sun, may the Sun of Righteousness arise for
Russia with healing in His wings.

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Did you know that for the first time in a thousand
years there is perfect religious liberty in Russia?
Will you become a partner in preparing
the first party of One Hundred
Missionaries now in training at

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Paster Fetler

After imprisonment by the Czar's
Government for banishment to Siberia
for my Gospel work in Petrograd and
Moscow, and later exiled from my dear
native land, the Lord has made the
wrath of men to praise him by enabling
me first to help evangelize the 2,000,000
war prisoners in Europe, and, since Sep-
tember, 1917, to establish the Russian
Bible Institute and to organize


of which the Rev. J. Wilbur Chapman
and the Rev. Prof. W. H. Griffith
Thomas are vice-presidents. By all these
activities I have been able to accomplish
more for the evangelization of Russia in my exile than if I had
been allowed to remain unmolested at home.—Phil. 1:12.

A hundred resident Russian students have been enrolled
for the first year. Will you PRAY that we may have spiritual
and material blessing to train these men? Though the popu-
lation of Russia is almost twice that of the United States, she
has not as many preachers as Chicago alone.

The greatest need of that unhappy country just now is
wise and strong spiritual leaders. Fifty of these students ex-
pect to go to Chicago to be present and to sing at the great
Russian Missionary Conference, June 24-28, 1918, at the Moody
Tabernacle. I am also praying that we shall be enabled to pay
off this year the 835,000 mortgage on the buildings of our

It costs $250 to support a missionary student for one year. Will you, or your church, Sunday
School or Voung People's Society adopt one as your representative?

Information and literature may be had from the Secretary, Mr. George L. Leonard, and gifts
for the work sent to Mr. G. Percy Fox, Treasurer, 1820 Spring Garden Street, Philadedphia.

Yours for Russia's evangelization,

Paster Dom Evangelia Church, Petrograd, and President Russian Bible Institute.

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