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[stamp: ACK'D JUN 27 1818 C.L.S.]

June 11, 1918

My dear President:

Your patient perseverance in
sympathetic support of Russian efforts to recover strength,
stability and the internal and external cooperation
necessary for the preservation of the national honor,
integrity and prosperity of Russia; your noble and
inflexible stand for self-government in Russia, in spite
of open and secret hostility from numerous sources
always disposed to regard the growth of representative
government with an unfriendly eye; your faith and hope
in the people of Russia have suggested to me an idea
which may possibly meet with your approval.

The United States of America

and you, Mr. President, personally, have earned the deep
and lasting gratitude of a people whose love of liberty is
subordinate only to then love of justice. The Filipino
believes in paying his debts. The people of the Philip-
pines are indebted to you and to America for the preservation
in, and assurance to the Philippines of those very things.


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