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which the people of Russia are seeking to retain and attain.
If the people of Russia, misled by enemies, have doubts as
to the ideals and policies of the American government
and the American people, if they are being tricked into
doubting your splendid championship of their cause;
who could remove these doubts more swiftly or
more surely than that people whose present
condition and future prospects prove beyond ques-
tion the uselfish and ideal character of your
actual work for the likeration of humanity?

I feel that as a representative
of the Filipino people it is my duty as it is a
great pleasure to suggest to you, in this personal and informal way, that a dele-
gation of Filipinos, representing the fruits of
American labors for the cause of self govern-
ment in Asia, might well visit Russia and tell
the people of Russia that their hopes and the hopes
of humanity rest upon the response which
should be given to your frank and friendly, and
absolutely unselfish, invitation to march forward
with America to the peace of honor and right.
I am sure that the Filipino people would
feel it a great honor to be, in a modest and


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