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The Chicago Daily
News' Foreign
News Staff

Many years before the out-
break of the Great War The
Chicago Daily News instituted
its foreign news service, which
today is writing this important
chapter in the world's history
as it will not be written again.
The staff is the most efficient
news gathering force main-
tained abroad by any news-
paper. The correspondents
composing it were recruited
with the idea of securing the
most complete, trustworthy and
timely service from the posts
to which they were assigned.

When the "Big Story" broke
The Daily News' foreign news
service was waiting and ready
to report it. From tangled
threads of intrigue and sus-
pense which preceded the ac-
tual conffict to the settled
struggle which is now being
waged over hundreds of miles
of battle lines no important
phase of the story has escaped
these reporters of history.
They have made the issues of
The Chicago Daily News since
the war began perhaps the
most satisfying record now in
existence of the happenings,
great and small, which have
given the war its extraordinary


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