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Washington, D. C., June 12, 1918.


Honorable Woodrow Wilson,
The White House,
Washington, D. C.

[stamp: ACK'D JUN 13 1918 C.L.S.

Dear Mr. President:

Mr. Henry W. Anderson, Red Cross Commissioner to Roumania,
has just returned to Washington. He was in Roumania seven months,
did much good work there, was seven weeks passing through Russia
enroute home, thence to England and France.

He has apparently made a thorough study of conditions in
Russia and of the Russian people, and the situation generally in
that part of the world. He is a lawyer from Richmond, Virginia,
# of apparently sound judgment, and has decided views and opinions
about the conditions in Russia and what should be done.

You may be aware of everything which he has to say and
any suggestions from him might be superfluous, but Mr. Davison
is anxious for you to have the benefit of the impressions which
Mr. Anderson has gathered, and I concur, if for no other reason
than as additional evidence as to what is best to be done about
Russia, and because Mr. Davison and the other members of the Red
Cross War Council feel keenly that you should hear what Mr. Ander-
son has to say.

It will take him twenty minutes to tell you, or it can
be reduced to writing. Awaiting your entire pleasure,

Sincerely yours,
Jesse H. Jones



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