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(ap)propriations in his hands for the 13th District, and you will pay to Mr. Baldwin the consideration expressed in the deed getting the proper vouchers therefor have it recorded and return in to this office.

There is now no obstacle to the immediate construction of the Light House, the plans for which no doubt Col. Williamson has transferred to you. The lantern is now making at Portland, Maine, and will be sent to you at an early day.

Your attention is called to the fact that the appropriation will revert to the Treasury on the 1st July next, except so much of it as is covered by contract before that date, and if you find that you cannot complete it yourself by days works, you will make contracts before July 1st to cover the entire and finished structure.

Do you want a fog bell and apparatus for Yaquina?- If you do answer by telegraph and it will be sent to you.

Department of Justice.
Washington, March 20, 1871.


I return herewith the papers received with your letter of the 10th inst. concerning the title to a piece of land fronting on Yaquina Bay and the Pacific Coast, in the State of Oregon, which it is proposed to purchase for the purpose

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