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will be made at once. It appears from your telegram that the whole number of cases and pieces for Foulweather lantern shipped by General Woodruff were received by you.

Jan 16 From Engineer Secretary Major G.H. Elliot
To Major H.M. Robert Corps Engineers
With Woodruffs letter to Williamson of April 1st last was sent a list of contents of sixteen boxes and sixteen pieces. All the parts you report as missing were included Telegraph to Michler for the list. You must have made some mistake. If this will delay lighting beyond first of March inform the Board.

Jan. 20 From Engineer Secretary Major G.H. Elliot
To Major H.M.Robert Corps Engineers
Sir: Please find herewith a bill of lading and a list of contents of the sixteen boxes and sixteen pieces which you report to have received, comprising and containing the lantern for Cape Foulweather Light House.
You will see that all the rafters and tie rods were contained in box No. 6. The sixteen lantern posts were contained in boxes 10,11,12 & 13.
As these boxes were received it is supposed that there must have been a miscount and that you will find all of the above mentioned pieces.
In regard to the floor lights, they do not appear in the list of contents of the boxes, but they

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