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"C" of which plans and specifications will be sent you and both it and the fog-signal house will be built by contract. Authority will be asked at once from the Honorable the Secretary of the Treasury for your publication of a notice of the form herewith and you will send an abstract of the bids received for approval to the Board, with your recommendation in regard to the award.

A lantern will be sent to you on your requisition, and it should include all the lanterns which will be required in your District under existing appropriations. A twelve inch (12") steam fog-whistle, with everything connected therewith, has been ordered to be made by the Engineer of the First District and sent to you. A ??? is not considered as desirable at Point Adams, on account of the drifting sand and its liability to get out of order.

Application should be made at once to the State authorities (if the land has passed out of the control of the Government) for sufficient land, extending southward from the Military reservation, to cover the proposed site. If the land is yet under the control of the General Land Office, immediate application should be made to the Board by you (telegraph) for its reservation from sale by his Excellency, the President.


Apl. 28. From Engineer Secretary Major G. H. Elliot.
To Major H. M. Robert. Corps Engineers.

Sir: You are requested to telegraph to the Board the date at which the Light at Cape Foulweather can be lighted as soon as you can determine the