1874 Sept. 8 Yaquina Bay Replacing Buoys.
1875 Feb. 4 Yaquina Bay Appointment of officer in charge as Inspector of Customs
Mch. 23 Yerba Buena Fog signal appropriation - location of site
June 8 Yaquina Bay Sale of property at.
Oct. 18 Yaquina Bay Pay of custodian
1876 May 13 Yaquina Bay Payment of custodian
" 22 Yaquina Bay Buoys. Authority to pay for transportation of.
" 29 Yaquina Bay. Recovery of Buoy.
Sept. 19 Yaquina Bay. Recovery of Buoys - bill for.
July 6 Yaquina Bay. Buoy Service authorized.
1879 Dec. 5 Yaquina Bay. Buoys to be replaced.

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