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(All communications should be addressed to "THE CHAIRMAN OF THE LIGHT-HOUSE BOARD.")

Treasury Department
Office of the Light-House Board
Washington, July 19th, 1889.

Lieut. Comdr. U. Sebree, U.S.N.
Inspector 13th Light-house District,
Portland, Oreg.


As requested in your letter of 12 June '89, the Board approves your action in establishing buoys in the 13th Light-house District, as follows:

A 3rd class nun buoy, red, No. 2, on starboard side of channel, inside the bar, Yaquina Bay, Oreg.

An horizontal striped spar buoy on a shoal (not shown on the chart and called by you Argyle Shoal) in the norther part of Griffin Bay, Wash.

Hereafter you are requested to obtain the consent of the Board before establishing new aids to navigation, unless the case is one not permitting delay.



Commander, U.S.N.
Naval Secretary