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(All communication should be addressed to "THE LIGHT-HOUSE BOARD.")

Treasurey Department

Office of the Light-House Board.

January 14, 1895.

Commander O. W. Farenholt, U. S. N.,
Inspector 13th Light-House District,
Portland, Oregon.


Referring to the joint report of the Inspector an Engineer of the Thirteenth Light-House District, dated 13 Dec. '94, the Board informs you that, as its session of 7 Jan'y '95, it was ordered that beacon lights be established in Yaquina Bay, Oregon, as follows:

Two white range beacon lights as guides to cross in over the bar: the front light to be placed on a two pile beacon on the sand flats opposite the town of Newport, and the rear light to be erected at McLean's Point.

A white beacon light to be placed on the Government wharf at Newport.

The Engineer of the district has been requested to take the proper measures to carry the order of the Board into effect, paying for the establishment of the lights from the appropriation

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