(All communications should be addressed to "THE LIGHT-HOUSE BOARD.")

Treasury Department,
Office of the Light-House Board,
Washington, D.C., March 21, 1895.

Commander O. W. Farenholt, U.S.N.,
Inspector 13th L. H. District,
Portland, Oregon.


Referring to your letter, Dated inside 13 November, 1895, and on the briefing 13 March, 1895, the Board has to say that you are authorized to prepare a gallows frame for and put up the beacon light at Sitka, Alaska, authorized in previous correspondence, providing that there shall be no specific outlay for the purpose, but that only material on hand shall be used, and that the work shall be done by the crew of the tender.

The Board also authorizes you to pay a laborer at the rate of $12. per month to care for the light.

George F. F. Wilde
Commander, U.S.N.,
Naval Secretary.

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