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(All communications should be addressed to "THE LIGHT-HOUSE BOARD.")

Treasury Department,
Office of the Light-House Board,
Washington, D.C., August 17, 1895.

Commander O. W. Farenholt, U. S. N.,
Inspector 13th Light-House District,
Portland, Oregon.


The Board approves the recommendations made in your letter of 9 Aug., '95, and authorizes you to establish a fixed white tubular lantern light on the North Jetty at the entrance to Yaquina Bay, Oreg., and to increase the height of Middle Ground Beacon Light in the bay, the two lights to then form a range for crossing Yaquina Bar, and to avoid the recently discovered Mid Channel Rock.

The Board will issue a Notice to Mariners giving the date of the proposed changes as August 31, 1895.

John ???
Captain, Corps of Engineers, U. S. A.,
Engineer Secretary.

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