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Oil Room Or Cellar.
Describe where placed and how fitted. The oil-house is located within six feet of the tower and connected to it by a narrow passage. It is divided into two rooms; in one the oil butts are placed on cast iron stands covered with wood in the other room are closets for curtains, lens covers etc.
Regulation 100 gallon oil butts—number. Ten
Regulation 50-gallon oil butts—number. One
10 gallon oil cans—number. One
Oil butts—how placed. On cast-iron stands; tops of stands covered with wood.
Closets And Storerooms.
Where placed, how fitted and used. All the supplies are stored in the oil-house in closets and on shelves.
Damp or dry, suited or unsuited to the purposes for which they were designed. Dry and suited to the purposes for which they were assigned.
Fog Signal.
Describe in detail, embracing—
Kind and character of instrument.
Characteristic distinction of.

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