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Area in timber or shrubbery. None
Area susceptible of profitable cultivation. About one acre.
Area cultivated or prepared for cultivation. About one acre.
Character of adjacent surrounding country—soil sandy, clay, marsh, swamp, wood, fast ground, or shifting sands. The soil is a dark clayey loam, covered with grass. No shrubbery or trees.
Distance to the nearest post office. Five miles
Distance to the nearest village or town. Five miles to Newport on Yaquina Bay
Facilities for reaching the light-station by public conveyance. None
Facilities for reaching the light-station by private conveyance from the nearest village, town, railroad station, or steamboat landing, and the distance. The light station can be reached from the town of Newport on Yaquina Bay. Distance five miles.
Water For Drinking and Domestic Uses Generally.
How procured. From the roof of keeper’s dwelling.
Quality. Good
Quantity ample of not for the station at all seasons of the year. Ample
Liable or not to be injured by the inroads of storm tides and seas. Not liable to injury by storm tides and seas.
If rain water in tanks or cisterns, what precautions have been taken to insure its purity. The water is stored in brick underground cisterns. They are usually cleaned out once a year.
Capacity of tanks or cisterns, and where placed. One cistern, capacity 11,000 gallons, placed near the rear of keeper’s dwelling.
Tanks or cisterns—of what materials made. One under-ground cistern built of brick and cement.

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