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July 20 1891
Laura E Frazee - Portland, Or
Mrs J H Frasey - Portland, Or
May E Johnson - Sioux City, In
Anna L Pope - Portland, Or
Z F Vaughan - Dallas
Jas Lawton - Dallas
Wm Muller - Newport
July 21 1891
John Stapleton - Salem, Or
Mrs John Stapleton - Salem, Or
John Kindt - Scholls Ferry, Or
B.J. Flint - Scholls Ferry, Or
Mrs B.J. Flint - Scholls Ferry, Or
Mrs D .J. Elliott - Scholls Ferry, Or
Annette Elliot - Scholls Ferry, Or
Mattie Gault - Berlin, Mo
Margarett Gault - Berlin, Mo
Myrtle Powell - Portland, Or
M. H. Cox and child - Coroullis, Oregon
L. Wallace and child - Corrallis, Ogn
A. C. Heckart - Carvallis, Or
Mrs A. Blaker - Shedd, Or
Ged H. Buntl - Shedd, Or
Mrs C. Buntt - Shedd, Or
Mrs C. Buntt - Shedd, Or
Mrs C.E. Powers - Shedd, Or
B.A. Karnell, Salem, Or
Louis Viereck - Albany, Or
Rebeca E.V. Viereck - Albany, Or
Leslie Viereck - Albany, Or
Lena Viereck
H M Bunnk Yagunna
G T Bunnk - Salem
D Moore - Salem