this dwelling, on account of the exposure, are useless to the keepers in bad weather, on account of the fire-places not giving out sufficient heat, the rooms are damp and cold and remain so, much of the winter, crowding the families into the rear rooms. Two small furnaces located in the front of the cellars will be a great improvement and aid in keeping the cellar and rooms dry. The total cost of these changes and repairs will be about $550.00.
The sewerage from the kitchens to the cesspool is in very bad condition and to put them in good order will cost about $15.00.
The footwalks around the dwellings, tower, etc. require repairs, and the roof of the work room of the tower needs some soldering down. The estimate cost for this is $33.00.
The barn is too small for the accommodation of the wagons and utensils of the station, and it is proposed to add a small wagon shed that will cost $30.00, and give more room. The road leading from the station requires a new bridge

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