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Catherine has writin [written] al [all] the news perty [pretty] much we
Are all well and I hope you are the same. I have
Had the fever and ague and all the childern and
They look very pale they have had three Atacks [attacks]
A peace [piece] but I have had the doctor and he has curd [cured]
It once or twice but I hope they will get over it they
Talk a great deal about you they want you to come
Home and bring some candy betsy [Betsy] has not got over
her Conplaint yet and I am afraid she never will
Amos is well I doe [do] not feel very strong my self
under present sircumstances [circumstances] my courage almost fails
Some times but i [I] hope It will be all rigt [right] in a year
Or tew [two]. Amos dos [does] very well but it dose dew asevell
as if you was hear [here] yourself. They comenced [commenced] ther [there]
Hey July the 8 and J hope they will have good luck
They have not Begun their harvest yet but they say
It is ripe. The girl has left us and I have got gane
Back again I have to buy her twelve shilings [shillings] a weak [week]
But I think it cheaper at that she is sturdy and
Trusty Phil was a goodeal [good deal] like lewese here folks
Lived tew [too] close she left on monday morning the 10
Of june and gane was here before nigt [night] so I had
No trobel [trouble] every thing look very fine we have had
A great many strwberies [strawberries] and we all wished you were
Hear [here] to help eat sone [some] of them. I got your leter [letter] and
Was glad to hear that you was well and hoped you
Would return but fel [fell] in hopes that it will turn out
For the best tht we none of us can tell their will
Be a great many changes in the course ofe [of] a yeare [year] or tew [two]

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A couple of words I can't seem to get.

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