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April, 1, 1919.
Mayschoss, Germany

"My Sweetheart"

Just received your letters
dated Oct. 16 and Nov. 15 also postal
card. You poor dear, no wonder you
haven't heard from me. I just rec-
-eived several return letters that I
addressed to Long Beach, not knowing
you had moved, and they came back
"unclaimed." Honey [underlined], your boy is thinking
of you continually these days. He's got
your picture before him now and can
see in your beautiful smiling face
what a wonderful girl you are and
it makes his heart skip a beat when
he thinks of the time when he will
be able to see her again. "Snookums"
you had better get all rested up for
I'm coming back with so much saved
up love that I'll just naturally love

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