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The Stockings feel delight-
fully warm & nice -
"Thank ye for't all"
Aside from creature com-
forts too how nice it seems
to have Horace so near me,
and I anticipate much
pleasant intercourse with
him, ere he gets tired of
the Army. He came to see
[underline]me[/underline] on Friday - no - Thursday
took dinner &c and to-day
I have called on him.
He is hardly innitiated, yet,
as Boss, of a [Garry?], of Twenty-
four "Darkies" which he is
placed in charge of, for the
present. Obadiah has met
with a sad mishap, having
had his hand crushed between
two cars. It is very painful
and may prove a lasting injury
to his hand.

[page break]

Captain Pitkin looks
rather thin and pale
but is improving. It looks
natural to get his hand over
[more?] on the papers. John
Clark is with him at pres-
ent, and is to remain, I hear.
We came near moving on Thurs-
day evening, having orders
to go to Cattlets Station, but
ere we started the order was
countermanded & the Third
Division went instead of ours.
I had a short talk with L.
Macomber, who is a draftee
member of my company. He
with Peter Dakin who is also
in the Fourth, refuse to do
duty. Were allowed to work
in the Hospital, and did
so for a few days, till the
meeting wrote their objec-
tions, and now they will

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