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year. I daresay you have heard me speak of
him as the graduate who turned his back upon
the principal & knelt down when he was being
capped. I told him of this & we had a good hearty
laugh at it. he was the first to recognize me I did
not know him from the uniform he was in
our latitude today is 24.57 N Long 21.21 west 187 mile
we passed a good many ships today. Some of
them seemed becalmed the breeze has nearly
died away altogether but we are always so
far independent of it having steam. We can
make 180 miles a day with half steam
power. We burn 25 tons of coal a day we
had 1200 tons at starting so that we have
enough to last us to Ceylon with a fair
Tuesday Augt 25th 1857
We are still sailing slowly. Scarcely a breath
of wind. We are trusting to the steam alone
I heard this morning of a skirmish that had
taken place last night An officer named
Named Flanagan was taking some brandy
on deck last night which is contray

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