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Went to go on board the "Adelaide" steamer
bound from China with invalids home
Dadson had a brother badly wounded in
China & expected it possible that he
might be on board there. We got alongside
just as she got steam up and was under way.
We hailed & inquired. We were answer
in the negative. I was disappointed
in not getting a letter on board her for
you as she carried a mail home. We
next went on board the "Octavia" there
I saw my old friend Dr. Taylor. Visit
to Constantia as related before. parley
from Mr. Young. house in portobello
Asked Robt. Hunte to write again
before leaving the Cape. dispatched
on the 20th April p. S.S. Dante to
reach England on June 1st.
Sent this leape Angus. Wrote
also to Fred. Account of voyage
& trip to Constantia.
13th. to 23rd. Living on board the

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