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Evans Morris Johnson Frenchman Young Dibbs
Bowen (slow[underscored]) ladies left with their husbands
at 1/2 past 9. Sat till 1/2 past 10
Called up with Evans & went on
board about 11 ocl. Genesis â sharab yoben.[?]

Jany 2nd. 1859 Sunday

Started a little before 6 this morning
for Sandoway towing the Commissioner's
Schooner. Dr & Mrs. Pettayal & Mrs. Eales
on bd. Mr. Young left in a native
boat at the three brothers about
7 ocl. got through the wine pipe
safely without grounding or smashing
trees. passed the Mount at 1/2 past
12 ocl. very earm day. entered
Sandoway river between 5 & 6 ocl.
Anchored at Sing Gong & cast
off the Schooner Capt. went on bd.
to see the Comr. Schooner pro-
ceeded up [struck through:to] near to Sandoway

Jany 3rd. 1859. Monday.

Remained on bd. all day reports

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