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Barbadoes Jumbols
Beat very light the yolks of
4 eggs and the whites of 8 with
a spoonful of rose water
and dust in a pound of
treble refined sugar then put
in 3 quarters of a pd of ye best
fine flour stir it lightly
in, grease your tinsheet
and drop them in the shape
of a Macaroon & bake them

To Make Almond Cheesecakes
1/2 a pd of Almonds blanched 1/2
a pd of sugar, beat them toge-
ther, 1/2 a pd of Butter beat
to a cream six Eggs leave out
3 whites 4 spoonfuls of Brandy

To make Potatoe Cheesecakes
6 oz of Potatoes a 1/2 of pd of
powder sugar ditto of Lemon
Peel & Butter boil the zest
till tender then beat it with
the sugar and bruise the

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A similar recipe for Barbadoes Jumbles is found in Sara T. Paul's Cookery from Experience (1875)