1871-1900 Yaquina Head Lighthouse Letter books


1871-1872 keeper selection and LH building Vol. 336



Office of Light-House Inspector, Twelfth District, San Francisco, Cal., July 24th, 1872

Professor Joseph Henry, Chairman Light House Board Sir: I have the honor to report the sailing of the Shubrick for the North with the Lampist on board provided with lathe, necessary tools and material for the thorough repair of all the Light Houses north of this place. The Lampist was also directed to instruct the Keepers in their duties and see that everything is in thorough order. Major Robert, Light House Engineer of the 13th District has had great difficulty in procuring trans- portation to Cape Foulweather, of the light house, and at his request I had it placed on board the “Shubrick” with orders to the Captain to deliver it at that place. It will delay the Shubrick but little and be a great saving of

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1870-73 Lighthouse Board Annual Reports



(SIDE BAR) Office of L.H. Engr.' 13" Dist- books &c, will be sent-

1871 Mar. 16 From Engineer Secy Maj. G.H. Elliot To Maj. H.M. Robert Corps Engineers Sir: There is sent to you herewith for your information an extract from the proceedings of the last meeting of the Board, concerning the office of the Light House Engineer of the 13th District. A box containing books pamphlets, &c, will be sent to you as soon as you inform the Board where you will have it addressed. For Enclosure see Volume 5 page Board Journal.

(SIDE BAR) Telegram Mar 22 From Engineer Secy Maj. G. H. Elliot To Major H M Robert Corps Engineers Deed for Yaquina approved Go on with the construction of the Light House. Appropriation reverts on first of July. Letter by mail.

Mar 22 From Engineer Secy Major G.H.Elliot To Major H.M. Robert Corps Engineers Sir: Herewith you will find deed of Lester P. Baldwin and wife to the United States, and a copy of the opinion of the Attorney General in regard to the validity of the title. Colonel Williamson has this day been directed to turn over to you the amounts of the special ap-(propriations)

(SIDE BAR) Yaquina Bay-purchase of L.H. Site- rel.

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