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Anna_Maria_Thorntons_Life_of_William_Thornton (ca. 1828)



W. T. was born in the Island of Tortola in the W. Indies, on the 27th May 17 & was sent when only five years old, with his brother Absalom Zeagues T--a year younger, to his relations in Lancaster England, to be educated.-- His Grandmother, Uncles & Aunts he always spoke of with the highest respect, veneration & affection. They were of the Society of Friends, but not so rigid as those in America, tho' sincerely pious & devoutly religious as their many excellent letters testify.--He did not adopt their dress or manners generally--& when addressed on the Subject many y years after in Philadelphia by the Friends, he said he thought their young men had better follow his example, then the Society wou'd not be disgraced as it too frequently was by young Quakers being known & seen in improper places, or such as were not tolerated by the Society, such as Theatres &c &c--

He erved out his apprenticeship to Medicine under Dr. Fell of Ulverstone most faithfully, tho' he went thro' many hardships, & took his Degrees most

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