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James Adam diary: 1857-1863 (Ms. Codex 1948)

p. 36

p. 36

clearly shown after the service. Several parties took to novels & some to playing cards &c which I think they would not have felt much inclined to do if they had heard one of Dr Browns Sermon instead Lat. 24.19 Long 19.23. Distance Me 182

Monday Augt 24th 1857 The ship has been rolling more heavily last night than it has done at all as yet. We have changed her course & are sailing against the waves which account for it. I was nearly rolled out of my berth 3 or 4 times last night & today the ship rolls over as if she would pitch us all into the sea. We are steering off the Coast of Africa (100 miles from it). A flying fish came on board to day & was picked up by one of the officers it is exactly like a Macker [Macherel] with wings in addition. I believe it is a common thing for them to come on board when the sea is rough. I have now got acquainted with a good many of the passengers & the time passes more pleasantly the Scotsmen more especially fraternise. The Cheif engineer of the ship is a Scotsman + our Surgeon studied in Edinr. he passed last

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