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James Adam diary: 1857-1863 (Ms. Codex 1948)

p. 218
Needs Review

p. 218

on board

at Wilsons got some bac[c]y 3 rupees pound left a [struck through: late] 100 rupee note at Scott Thomsons with a note to Ferris to deduct what I had bought & 15 rupees got us this mg. from it & send a bill on to Kedgeree. Got a Gharrie at the house & went off on board the "Ivanhoe". C Philip with me breaking down ev[e]ry 5 minutes Philips left at Baboo Ghaut Got on board about nine get my Cabin & had traps put in met the other passengers at breakfast. Payne Ms. Payne Mrs. Richardson Mrs. Willis & 4 children Mr. Peterson pilot Mr. Jones. Leadsman Lane got under weigh about 10 slow work tides not suiting[?] very strong floods

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p. 219
Needs Review

p. 219

"Ivanhoe" at sea

==Thursday March 17th till Wednesday March 23rd]]==

During this time we had been working our way slowly out wards. took us four days down the river steamer left us at Saugor. been very comfortable on board teasing Lane the Leadsman & the little girls. Peterson & Lane good friends learning to play chess. Pilot left us two days ago. the last two days have been really calm. Played proverbs & Cross passport[?] Last evening till 10 oclock

Wednesday March 23rd. 1859

Up before sunrise dead calm not more than than 100 yards below sandheads as yet Peterson & Capt. bathed on deck had great toothache & swelled face for two or three days steeped

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