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Correspondence (incoming): Lathrop, Charles, 1902 May- Sep

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San Francisco, May 16, 1902

Dear Sister

As the Steamer "Peru" leaves this Port for Yokohama to-morrow and should arrive there on June 6th, five days before the Steamer "China" leaves there for this Port, I thought it would please you if I would dictate a few lines. Since last I wrote you, we have had quite a rain storm amounting to almost an inch of rain, which is considered quite heavy for this time of the year. It has been of advantage to the late sowed grain at Palo Alto and gives good promise for a large crop, but of course it has been to a disadvantage to other parts of the State.

I am pleased to say that work in the Memorial Church is now about completed and I have been informed that on Monday morning (if they have not already commenced) the contractors are going to place the pews in the main body of the Church. Mr. McGilvray is all through carving and the last work completed was at the base of the lecturn and also the pulpit as you wished to have done. I found out who really was the direct cause of the information going out that the Church would be closed until your return and as usual it was Mr. Hodges, who had to do a good deal of talking. He thought it ought to be closed as you did not wish people to be in the Church while they were setting the pews. I told him he was mistaken as you did not expect rough or disorderly people to visit the Church or destroy anything while a watchman was in charge and furthermore did not think anybody would show disrepect for an edifice of this kind, but he has funny views.

The water carnival was postponed from Tuesday until today on account of the rains. The same will take place this afternoon and evening on Lake Lagunita, below my house.

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I know of nothing at present that would be of interest to write you. I wish to inform you however, that I have signed the contracts in your name for the addition to my house as instructed and the lowest bidder was a Mr. Thompson, his figure being $11,500. Mr. Thompson is a brother in law of Mr. McGilvray. The highest bid was over $13,000. Previous to letting out the contracts, the excavation was made for the cellar, so the work now can be commenced immediately. The time limit to complete the work is September 1st, 1902.

I am pleased to inform you that we are all quite well here and I hope on receipt of this communication it will find you and party enjoying the same.

If you are enjoying your visit, why not remain longer, providing you are well.

Your affectionate brother

[signed] Chas G. Lathrop

P.S. Also enclose letter received from a party in New Zealand. I think this is one of them fake letters and I might suggest your sending same to Mr. Thomas Welton Stanford, and he would probably be able to find out something regarding same.

Saturday, May 17th, 1902

Dear Sister:

I was obliged to come to town this morning to affix my signature as representing yourself and the University, to contracts for putting in tables, etc. etc. in the new Chemical Dept. I hope this building will be ready for occupancy in September next, although I am a little doubtful, but I am urging Mr. Day to do his utmost so there will be no delay.

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