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[27] Sun-1st in Lent. Ember Week

Rained quite a
bit during day. George + [?] went
to [?] in the ambulance.
Went to Sunday School in [morning] + afternoon.
[Muriel] [?] came to tea and stayed all the [?]
Ted [Nurmin] came in, and Taffy also [?]
[?? ??]

28 Mon

Rather cold. Snowed + hailed at
intervals during the day. Had quite nice
lessons at school and had French + Science
homework. Had a fire in [?] and Mrs
[Vokes] + Mrs [?] came to tea.

29 Tues

Nice day. Had a test in
cookery and had to write out a
time table. Had quite a nice
singing lesson and then had to have
gym lesson. Got my maths done in
my free lesson.

1 March Wed-Ember Day
S. David
First Quarter 8.40 p.m.

Janet + I both had
long letters from George.
Had a very nice science lesson doing
experiments. Daddy saw Hump and spoke
to him. Had a lot of homework in evening.
Ted came in + [brought] us
an orange each.

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First two entries very faded, difficult to make out.