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Tuesday January 1st 1850 The day commenced with baffling light wind and frequent rain ship under all sail standing to the SE 4 ships in sight all standing the Same way. Latter part had nearly a calm and frequent rain watch Employed at Ships duty betwen [BETWEEN] Showers nothing in sight but water supposed Lat [LATITUDE] 4..00 Long [LONGITUDE] 24..00

Wednesday 2ond Began with a Light wind from S East and gentle showers Steer to the South at 6 PM the wind South brace around and stand to the South Latter part had a light breeze from N by W steering S by W per compass set a topmast studding sail on the Larbord [LARBOARD] Side one Ship in sight standing to the NE so ends all well Lat [LATITUDE] by Obs [OBSERVATION] 4..08 Long [LONGITUDE] 22..10

Thursday 3thd Commenced fair weather and light wind from N steer South middle had thunder and Lightning and some raine rain Latter part had fresh wind and frequent rain squalls steer S by East one Ship in sight showing Dutch Collers [COLORS] so ends Lat [LATITUDE] by Obs [OBSERVATION] 3..00 N Long [LONGITUDE] 21..30

Friday 4th Began with Light wind SSE and Rain steer to the Eastward close hauled Middle and Latter parts had calm and pleasant one sail in sight watch employed fitting Purches [PURCHASE] Blocks and at sundry other Jobs as required so ends all well Lat [LATITUDE] by Obs [OBSERVATION] 2..41 Long [LONGITUDE] 21..20

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