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The powder at will [ ]upon[ ]in Agill?
of white wine. Drink it falling?. ---
A gram of [ ] powder fine 1/2, a gram of [] asparagus a [ ] of saffron powder

Put these in [ ]and[ ]ready warm

into pills and [] put them into a box.
Take 1/2[ ]of[ ]pills []fortnight at
the noon and full of the moon, take the []

A Diet Drink
Take 3 handfulls of [ ]water [ ]brook
of sage? 2 handfulls, rue, sage, lavander, rosemary, time,
lavander cotton, [] wormwood mugwort,
green broomtops plant [ ], bramble berrie leaves of sage
one handfull, monk rubard

For The Scurvy
Take one gallon [ ] of [ ] of 5 [ ] bramble flakes?
Chop and bruise the one handfull of wormwood. 3 gallon
of [ ]spring water boil the [ ] one gallon of
liquor. take 5 spoonfulls X2 of white wine morning
[][] a little juice of [ ] sugar
[] milk and boil it []
[]a pint of savory grape juice, a pint of white wine
A pint of white wine vinegar. Take a pint of this
morning []for

Receipt For Stone
Take 2 handfull of parsley two handfulls of
[] 2 handfulls of
[] handfulls of marsh mallows roots
A handfull of
[]two handfulls of mallow
roots[]of herbs A little chopped
[] and Dryad

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