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A Medicine to Cure the ffluxe or soare [?]aske

Take a good handfull of the inner barke of an old oake tree: and as much
of a [bulloes?] tree: two greate spoonefulls of the powder of sinamon with
two good peeces of oerinye pills: & some ginger boyle all those together
till halfe be boyled away in a good Quantitie of milke: and lett the
patient drinke thereof

Another ffor the same:

Take a chaffing dish with hott charcoale : and sett it within a close
and poure uppon it some tarre: and let the patient sitt over it that the
ffume thereof may goe up into his body and lap a blanket about
it that noe ayre may come forth otherwayes: & when the patient hat
sate as longe as hee can wellendure: then let him sitt uppon a
warme cushin, and use the same too or three tymes:/a day and in the
meane whiule hee soe sitteth: lett him drinke of a candell made with
[?cherrett] wine synamon suger the rind of pomegranet and the yolkes of
to eggs rosted as hard as may be and likewise lett him drinke
thereof morning & eveninge as hott as he can synamon water
is very good also

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