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Janvary hathe : xxxj : days. {2}
iii. a circumsisio domini: 1. xvij. g. invensio paulli: 25.
b 2 vj. a. St. alexander 26.
xj c 3 b. St. dunstane 27.
d 4 xiiij. c. St. oswaldus. 28.
xix. e nonas: 5
viij. f idus epiphemi domini 6
g id 7
xvj. a id 8 Vere or Springe time begyinthe, when the sonne enterythe
v b id 9 into the signe of : Aries : & it indurithe : 93 . days that is from the
c id panle the hermyt. 10 xj. day of Marche vnto the : xij. of June. in this tyme the
xiij. d id Soll in aquarius. 11 day & nyght are evyned in hir regyons. the tyme wayithe
ij. e id 12 plesant & sweet, the eayre ys puryfyed : the spryngys
f id 13 boylle abote of the yerthe : the moystnes that in winter abode
x. g kalendas februarij. 14 in rotys ascendith vp into the croppys of erbis & plantes:
a ka 15 bestes & fules renw hir kyndes : & fisthes goo to the stremys
xviij. b ka 16 & store them selfes : & deliver furthe their spaune in their
vij. c ka 17 kindes. the yerthe ys bewtyfied with flouers of fresthe hews
d ka 18 & the tres with flouers & frute. & all thing that berithe lyfe is
xv. e ka 19 refresthid. The worlde ys then lyconyd vnto a mayd
iiij. f ka 20 of xvj. yeres of age that ys bewtyfull bothe of face, body,
g ka 21 and all kynd of gorgious apparel. Vere is hoote and
xij. a ka 22 moyste : & it is temperat lyke vnto the eaire. the blod
j. b ka 23 of man ys quykenyd and sterid a brode into all partes
c ka 24 & membres of the body, & persitethe in that, that ys equale
ix. d ka Conuersio sti. panli 25 in complexcyon : that ys to sey temperat. And in the time
e ka 26 of vere thow stholdes eate hennis : chekyns : capons :
xvij. f ka 27 & suche lyke : & new leide egges softe I roste amonge : that
vj. g ka Sti. agnetis virginis 28 ys to sey sildn : & eate wilde lettes : I : rasins : drinke &
a ka 29 eate gottes mylke : for it restorithe natur greatly. ther
xiiij b ka 30 ys no time of the yere more better or more prefytable
iij. c ka 31. to blede in. & in that time labor & movinge of the
Nox habet horas. 16 dies vero : 8 : body ys good : to bathe, to provoke swete, to drinke &
febrvarij : hathe : xxviij. days. eate sirupes made of spyces & of erbyes that are tem
d. Ste. brigide virginis. 1. perat : and to take purgatyones ys good.
xj. e. purificacio beate marie. 2
xix. f. Ste. blasij. 3 Marche hathe : xxxj. days.
viij. g. 4 iij. d. david rex. .1.
a. Ste. agathe virginis. 5 e. Cedde epistopi. .2.
xvj. b. Ste. dorothee virginis. 6 xj. f. .3.
v. c. Nonas. 7 g. .4.
d. idus 8 xix. a. .5.
xiij. e. ids. Ste. apolonia virginis. 9 viij. b. .6.
ij. f. ids. Soll in pisces. 10 c. nonas. .7.
g. ids. 11 xvj. d. idus .8.
x. a. ids. 12 v. e. ids. .9.
b. ids. 13 f. ids. .10.
xviij. c. kalendas Ste. valentinj. Marcij 14 xiij. g. ids. .Sol in aries. .11.
vij. d. k. 15 ij. a. ids. gregorij papa. 12.
e. k. 16 b. .13.
xv. f. k. 17 x. c. .14.
iiij. g. k. 18 d. .15.
a. k. 19 xviij. e. kalendas aprilis. .16.
xij. b. k. 20 vij. f. .17.
j. c. k. 21 g. edwardij rex. .18.
d. k. 22
ix. e. k. 23
f. k. Ste. matheu. locus lisextes. 24

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