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196. grinding it till it be very well melted, then
put in to it, halfe a quarter of siuett, w.th forty
drops of ye Essence of Jesmin or Orange, w.ch you
lik best, when these are all perfectly well in=
=corporated in the Morter, poure out ye water
from ye Paste, very cleare, & poure in upon the
paste this mixture, leauing in ye Morter what
hangs about it of this composition; mingle ye
paste, & ye Amber very well [together?] w.th ye
fingers, till all be perfectly well incorporated,
then poure ye rose water into ye bason, if you
poured out before, & sett it upon a de?y fire
soft embers stirring it till it be lithe enough
to be workd, then tak it out in little pieces &
bitts, making them up, between ye fingers & ye
thumb, ye bignesse of a sixpence & ye thicknesse
of a foure peece, when you haue made them
all, beating in ye morter ye rest of ye compound
rub them all oure therewth if you like it, you
may presse them wth ye own ?ale, as you make
euery one lap? up in a seuerall paper, when
you burne them you must wet them & lay
them upon uery soft fire.

197. To make spanish hypocrist, which
exceeds all other. Madrid 6?th Dec 1664.

Put into a great earthen pott well glac'd 36 wine ?
of ye whitest & strongest white wine & pound of loafes
sugar - beate small, 4 ounces of ye best sinamon bruised
in a morter, stirr all this uery well together, & lett them
stand close couer'd 5 houres, then put in a quarter of an
ounce of cloues bruis'd, ye pile of two oranges & 2 lemons
cut in bitts, as bigg as a beane stirr it well about till
you are sure ye sugar be well incorporated therein then
passe it through a new cotton bagg of neer a yard long,
made about a span rose? on top, & with a point at ye bottome
boyle it uery well, then rinse it in cold water open ring it
uery dry, then put it into a bason, & poure 3 pintes of new
milk upon it & lett ye bagg lye therein, halfe an houre, then
hang it up dropping wett, as it came out of ye milke, tying
it with strings about a rounde from that pass?
a spike fastned into ye wall, then put ye milke into ye bath
twice or thrice, & then ye wine, & soe as you draine ye wine
out of ye bagg, put it into ye pott, till you have uery well
mingled all together, & it run cleare thorough ye bagg,
keeping ye bag always full, tis best draune into bottles wch
must be stop'd, as soone as they are full if you please
you may perfume ye sugar wth ambar- greece.

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