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To make Mead Mts Ibbott

To every 6 quarts of water, a quart of honey, boil and
scum it as long as any rises about an hour, and
boil in every gallon 6 cloves a race of ginger, and
2 or 3 blades of mace, and half a Nutmeg and some
Jamaica pepper, an handfull of balm and as
much sweet brier and bay, and a little lemon peel
And the juce must be put in when it is cold

To make Elder Robb Mts Blythenhams

Take a bushell of elder berrys, after they are picked
from the stalks, and put them into an earthen pan
and cover it close, then set it into the Oven with
brown bread, and let it remain in the Oven as
long as the bread Then strein the juce first, thro'
a coarse cloth, then thro' a flannel bag whilst it
is warm then boil the juce over a slow fire in a
pan very well tinn'd till it is washed from 79ts
to one be sure to stir it very well for fear it should
stick to the pan which will intirely spoil it
care must be taken that the berrys be got out
of the feilds ( these in the road being generally
sandy) when it is made it must be put into
potts. That are very well dry'd, paper them up
and keep it close tyed down which will preserve
it many years Take the quantity of a
Nutmeg of elder robb night and morning The
first and last things you do But if you eat
supper it is not proper to take it at night for it
will be apt to forment in the Stomack

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