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Rum Shrubb Mt Ingram

To a gallon of rum put 1 quart of Seville Orange juce and
12 ounces of loaf sugar Let it stand close stop'd for a
fortnight ina large bottle of stone or glass shaking
it once a day. In 24 hours after the last shaking
Crane it off in bottles for use

To pickle Red Cabbage Mrs. Jones

Take the close leav'd cabbage, and cut it in quarters
and when your liquor boils, put in your Cabbage
and give it a dozen [walns?] Then make the pickle
of white wine Vinegar, and claret, You may put
to it beet root, boil them first and turnips half
boiled, and it is very good to garnish dishes

To Pickle small Onions Do

Take young white unset onions, as big as the tip
of your finger, lay them in water and salt 2 days
shift them once Then drain them in a Cloth
Boil the best Vinegar with Spice, according to
your taste And when it is cold keep them in it
covered with a wet bladder

Artichoks in pickle to boil all the winter Do

Throw your Artichokes into salt and water half a day
then make a pot of water boil and put it yo Artichokes
and let them boil till you can just draw off the
leaves from the bottom Then cut off the bottom very
smooth and clean, and put them into a pott, with
pepper, salt, cloves, Mace, 2 Bay leaves, and as much
Vinegar as will cover them, then pour melted butter
over them, enough to cover an inch thick Tye them
close down, and keep them for use When you use
them put 'em into boiling water with a peice of butter
in the water, to plump them Then use them for
what you please

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