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A Pippin Pudding - Ditto -

Take 12 pippins scald them to peel Then bruise them in
a Stone mortar, grate a 2 Manchants 12 Eggs 6 whites 1/2 a
pound of melted butter - sweeten it to your taste - mix all
together very well 1/2 an hour bakes it - It must be
brown on the top

An Almond Pudding - Ditto

Take 1/2 a pound of Almonds finely beaten, grate 2 Manchants
10 Eggs, 4 whites, and a quart of cream 2 ozs. sugar, a
little cloves and mace and Nutmeg a little amber grease
mix all together a little more than an hour bakes it

Apricock Pudding - Ditto
Take a pound of Naples biscuits grated, mix it with a quart
of cream boil'd and cold 6 yolks of eggs half a pound of sugar
3 or 4 peices of Apricocks a little Citron, candied orange
then butter a Napkin - put it in not tie it too close
boil it half an hour Let the water boil before you
put it in

A Curd Pudding Ditto ..

Take a quart of new milk - 8 Eggs take out the treads beat
them in the milk - put it on the fire keep it stirring till
it comes to curd hang it up in a canvass to whey - Then
put the curd in 6 spoonfulls of cream - the yolks of 4
eggs well beaten - Season it with rose water sugar and
Nutmeg candied Orange and Citron in p bits of Marrow
put it in puff paste a moderate oven will bake it.

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