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Pellitory, rosemary, wild time, Cammomill, lauender,
of each one handfull, then bray the spices, and bray the
hearbes, and put them into the wine, and let it stand
soe . 12 . houres stirring it often, then still it together
in a lymbeck, keepe the first water by it selfe and
the second by it selfe, for it is good though not soe good as the first

The vertue of this water is to comfort the stomack
and vitall parts it helpeth inward diseases that
come of cold, and the shaking palsey, it cureth the
contraction of sinnewes, helpeth the conception of
woman, it killeth wormes in the belly, cureth the cold
cough, helpeth the tooth Ache, cureth cold dropsies
dissolued stones in the bladder, and [?]aimes, helpeth
shortly a stinking breath, and who useth it some times
and not too often, it preserueth in good liking, and
maketh him looke younge very long, comforteth nature
maruellous long, the old Docter herewith preserued
his life till extreame old age would neither suffer
him to goe or stand and after Physitians had giuen
him ouer, he continued fiue yeares, when they thought
he could not live two yeares, and before his death he
confessed, that when he was sicke at any time, he
used nothing but this water, the Archbishop used it
til he was 1010 yeares old, and said at his death
that nothing did him soe much good, as this water in
Sicknesse or otherwise Mr Rowe Sergeant of the Coife
used it all his time, and at his death left it in
writing wishing all men to use it
If it be sett in the sunne all the sommer it will be
the better

{17} A water for the stone in
the Kidneys

Take a good handfull of pellitory of the wall saxifrage
garden parsley and wild time of each one handfull
3 . spoonsfull of fennel seed and three radish rootes
sliced, shred all these together and put them into
a gallon of new milke and let them stand and steepe
in a close pot one whole night then still them

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