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This must be done in the latter end of June or
the beginning of July, for then the hearbes are
in theire best taste, you must put . 3 . or . 4 . spoons
full of this into as much white wine, with a little
sliced nutmegg, and soe take it two dayes before
the change of the moone, and 2 dayes after &
two dayes before and after the full, continuing
to take it soe all the yeare, and patient shall
undoubtedly finde great ease, voiding many
stones and much grauell without any paines at all,

{18}A water for wasting or Consumption
of the Kidneys

Take a gallon of new milke, and still it in a cold
still, but draw but one pinte of water out of it,
drinke of this in the morning, in the afternoone
and all night, and it will cure you,

{19}An other for the same

{20}A water for fainting

Take and still Isop, mints and rosemary a like
quantity of each, keepe the water thereof for that
use to drinke when need it

{21}A water for wasting of the
stone in the Kidneys

Take pennyriall and boile it in whit wine & drink
it, it prouoketh urine and also breaketh the stone,

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