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To make Almond [clers] Cakes Lady Atkins way 102
Take half a pound of Almonds Blended [] beaten very
fine: six egs Leaving out to of thee whites; Let them be
well beaten; put in half a pound of fine sugar well
pounded; beate these alltogether: in a morter. Put in to it
half a pound of melted butter: grate into it: the Rids of
two Lemons; A litle nutmeg e a little Sack
Lady Osborns [Stick] Water
Take a gallon of strong sweet worte: before it is boylled
and slice into it A quarter of A pound of Ginger: and boyl it
{Lady} in 13 grains of Saffron pickt thin: and a pound of
{[Atkin's]} traekle: Lett it stand all night: next morning put it

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