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To make almond clees cakes lady atkins way

Take half a pound of almonds blanched & beaten very
fine: six egs leaving out two of the whites, let them bee
well beaten put in half a pound of fine sugar well
pounded. Beate these altogether: in a morter. put into it
half a pound of melted butter; grate into it the rinds of
two lemons; a litle nutmeg & a litle sack

Lady Osborns Stick water
Take a gallon of strong sweet worte: before it is boylled
and slice into it a quarter of a poind of ginger and boyl it
in 13 grains of saffron pickt thin and a pound of
tr^aekle lett it stand all night next morning put it
still and break into it as much stone horse dung
make it as thick as a hasty pudding: then distill it
it into bottles: when you have it you may sweeten it
of saffron or any thing you pleas: it must bee
its dung of horses that eats hay.

To make a cream cheese
Take a gallon of new milk and a pint of sweet cream
and mix them well together then take a skillet of hott
water, and putt as much into it as will make it hotter then it comes from the cow, then put in a spoonfull of Rennet and stur it well together, and cover it & when
it is come, take a weet cloth, and lay it on your cheesemoll
and take up the curd, and not breake it, and put it in the moll
and when it is full put on your sinker and every two hours
turn your Chees in weet Clothes wrung drye and lay on a
little more weight at night take as much salt as you can
between your finger and thumb, and salt it on both sides
and let it lye in the profs all night in a weet cloth, the
next day lay it on a board between a dry cloth and the
next day lay in greens and every day chang it and it
will be ready in nine dayes, if you cover it
with a blankett then last two dayes.

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