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To make cowslige wine Mrs Herberts way

Take 8 gallons of water and 16 pounds of fine loaf
sugar boyl them together A full hower : scumming it
very well; and& let it stand to cool till it is blood
warm; then just into it 100 bushels of pickle cowsliges
and& just to it 12 or 14 spoonfulls of very good new
The yeast and& count it very close; theye next-day; squeeze into it the ye juice of 18 good lemons; then just it into theye vikel; for let it stand 3 weeks
Close stopped then draw it into very dry Bottles and&
it will keep A year or more you may Rack it of as you theye
To make mead Mrs Micheals way
Take 20 quarts of spring water: 2 quarts of Honey

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