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The marks Apothycarys use in their Bills
Cochel A spoonful
1q a suffitient quantity {92688 / 4229 4338}
qtr A quarter
P a smal Handful
M a great Handful
fs is halfe a pound
ff A pound
qr a quart
[&] is an ounce
z is a dram
[] a scruple
nro is in number
Gr A grane

{Renianinn Mors}

Cow piss will cure in M
a Dog of this mang washing ther with
certaine cun is some Gunpowder
beat very fine & put it in scalding Hogs Lard
& noynt it as hott as can be indured 3 times
or more

{X}For the Fations in a Horse never failing {H1}
A Pennyworth of Annisseed water the same quantity of Juyce
of HouseLeek well mingled put halfe into one eye & halfe in the
other eye the eares & watch the Horse 12 howers that he lye
not downe this will expel the Humors out of the body bycaus
ing the sore to runn abundantly the man that used this would buy
any Horse that had it at any reasonable price with the presumption
he could cure it with this

{John}Johanna StJohn
Her Booke

For a Bulock that pisseth Blood {X B}
The inwarrd Bark of an oke boyld in a qrt of raine
water to a pint & strain it when tis almost cold
put in a pennyworth of Bolarmonake give it blood
warme if once doe not give it 2 or 3 days over

{D X} To cure any inward sickness or desease in a
Dog or a man & that is but with a mad Dog

A pint of new milk & 6 cl of crabbs claws the black tipps of
them make them into powder then take rue bloodwort &
Liverwort each halfe a handfull boyle thes tel it comes to
3 qtrs of a pint then put in a spoonfull of good oyle the
like of Juyce of celondine & powder of Turmirick
it will serve three times for a dog fasting 2 howers
after it

{I X} For the Itch in man or woman or mang in a Dog
halfe a pound of flower of Brimston or sulphir & a qrt of
white wine put together give a wine glass to a man or woman
every night to a little dog 2 spoonfuls La nottlys experience

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Should be changed from "but with a mad Dog" to "bit with a mad Dog"


If you feel confident in that reading, you can choose to make that edit yourself. :)


Some of these abbreviations should have been asked of a real apothecary...

ſq: a suffitient quantity [nowadays usually QS, from the latin]
℥ is an ounce [not &]
ʒ is a dram [not z; note it was spelt drachm in this era]
℈ is a scruple