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For the Running Goute & Rumatisme

Take epithamum stecados & sassafras each
halfe an ounce brused Bay berrys & Iuniper
berrys each halfe an ounce brused elecampany
rootes & Hermodacriles each an ounce
sliced Agrick & Ruberb sliced each a dram
polipodium root an ounce Lignum vitte
4 ounces senne 2 ounces & the same
of Liguonih sasaperrilla slit in the
middle half an ounce an ounce of Annis
seed brused 40 raisins stoned & a smal
sprigg of wormwood hang thes in a canvis
bag in 3 gallons of halfe beer & halfe Ale
drink a pint at a time at 8 days old

For the Gripes & Bloudy Flux

A Fatt Breast of muttan rost it without salt
as many as you can eate with any Appitiee &
doe not drink in 2 howers after this cure done
given ouer by the Drs
another was cured by drinking Irish slatt boyld in
posset drink another with drinking a quarter or half
a pound of Butter at once boyled tel it was Black in a
skillit another with Almon Acornes made like
Almon milk & cork boyld in all his drink &
Basting all his meat with virgins wax

For the Goute in the Stomach

Take a Dram of Venes Treacle Gascoin powder
halfe a Dram Diascordium enough to mixe them &
make them into a Bolus Drinke Posset drink made
strong with sage

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"slatt" = wood lice