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To make Spirit of mint.
Take a Gallons of Spear mint water distill itt in
A common Still & take soo much Spear mint
Shred small as the water will well cover, set it on
the Same pan as you did then Spirit of wine past you{r}
Limbeck very close and keep A moderate fire, tha{t}
itt may not heave then past you must draw itt long. {2}
Then their is [any] Strong in it because of stilling
itt again if then still 4 Gallons you may draw 3 & 1/2
then chop mint & put into it again as much as the
Watter will cover, they steep all night & let on as
before then draw 2 Gallons of that then shred mint the 3
[rind] as much as itt will cover, then set your 2 Gallons
& draw it to a Gallon & A 1/2 & keep itt in severall glases
that then may have some very strong & some small as you
Order'd that Limbeck before soe doe with this like wishe.

TO make Wormewood water
Take 10 Gallons of Sack:lees put to itt as much Ale wort
that is strong, as will make it allmost as thin as bear put
in 2 good sife fulls of wormwood, as soon as you have
put in that Lees to the wort mix itt well & then put in {the}
Wormwood and after all is in the Barme, soo let
Stand all night close cover'd, next morning put itt
into the Limbick & draw as long as their is any strength
in itt fill the pott 3 quarters full & when it is drawen
all over then take A pound of Gingar A pound of Anniseede
bruise it. A pound of Liqurish scrape it slice it & bruise
put these into the water that is once drawn over & let
them lye in itt all night close stoped, soo draw itt as be -
fore with A very soft fire & very close paist'd & cloath
close pinned about the small Pipe To keep in
The Strength

Monsieurs Watter
Take A pint of Cinnamon watter, a pint of Damask
Rose water 3 pints of Good Aqua=vitae & A quart
of fair running wator 5 penny worth of Angillico
Watter as much Clove water & much Rosa solis &
A pound of fine Sugar, beat the Sugar very Small &
put itt into an Earthen pan, or Silver basson put
the fair water to itt & when itt is dissolved put all
the 4 named waters to it soo put it up in your Glasses
you may put A little musk or mulsadine in it if
you please.

TO make Spirits of wine
Take 20 Gallons of strong: wort and mix with x Gallons
of Sacklees to such A Thickness as you think will not
burne the pott bottome, keep about A Gallon of that wort
unmixt for the last pot will be the thickest full that
pott 3 quarters full, and sett on the Limbeck
& paist itt round about with Dough very close
& att the first make A very good fire of chare-
cool & after itt begins To run keep A mod[e]rate r fire
that it may neither change colour nor have your paist
soo draw till all the strongh be out that pott &
wash itt very clean put in all you have drawn
out, and keep your Second running in Severall glases
for that use as you think fitt, as your water heats in the
Top of that Limbeck, draw itt out put in cole, & wett
Napkins in cold water & lay about the neck of the
Limbeck that the heat may not make your
Water white

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