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A Fine Pleasing Drink in Weakness when
the sick cannot Relish Bear.

Take runing water & boil curst of bread in itt & some
harts horne = tyed up in A peice of sarsnett let it boil
very well then dissolve some conserve of red Roses in itt
if the pasty be loose put to A pint or 3 spoonfulls of
red wine which will give itt A pleasing tast & is
A little binding if you will bruise A few Corriander
seed & lye in itt.

To make Treakle water.

Take one Ounce of harts horne shaved & boil itt in 3
pints of Spring Water or Cardus water untill itt come
to A Quart, then take the Roots of Ellicampane
Gentian, Cypress Tormentell Cardius Angellico
of each one Ounce haveing Cardus water you may
use the herb & not the rootts of Cardus & Angelico
Borrage flowers Buglass, & Rosemary flowers & mary=
=gold flowers of each 2 Ounces of Cittron Rindes
one Ounce, the roots & Cittron rind must be dryed
and beaten to A gross powder, then take an Ounce of
the best Venice Treakle & dissolve itt in 6 pints of
white wine & three pints of red Rose water then
infuse all togather 24 hours & distill itt in A
Glass still or Limbeck

The vertues of this Water

To restoore the spirits & speech itt is good against
Sow^ning or faintness Agues wormes or the Small pox
takeing one spoonfull or more att A Time or
four Spoonfulls with Sugar according to the
Strength of the Patient.


To make A compound of Amber Grease dissolved
Take of Amber grease 1 [...]dram of sevit 1/2 A
Dram of musk 1/2 ℥ of the Oile of bean 1 ℥ mix them
in A Silver mo^rtar heat hot upon the fire then put in
all but the musk put not that in untill it be
allmost cold, soe incorporate them well togather &
put them up in A glass for your use when you will
make use of any of itt warm itt att the fire & shake
itt togather make clean the Mortar with Sugar which
will serve to perfume any sweat moat.

A Tisanny Drink

Elcampane roots Sliced dates stoned and Cutt small
Figgs sliced small Rasons of the sun opened Egrimony
Scabius Coltfoot, harts tongue pennyriall Issop Ale
house Bethlem cowslip of Liccorrish Anniseeds boil
all in fair water, & sweaten it with brown sugar

To Preserve Ellicampane

Take the Roots of Ellicapane clean washt & scraped peale
of the outward part which is not stringed then take one
pound or as much as you please & take for itt
3 pound of sugar or A pound and half first
boil the rootts in water till it be very bitter
then power itt out & boil it in fresh watter
till it be tender then power out all the
Water Save three quarters of A pint put in
your Sugar & boil itt up with A fire unto
the Thickness of A Sirrip & keep itt for your


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