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To strengthen the sight

Take the Electuary called Diolibanum, an
ounce and hald the powder of eye bright
and Cubebs of each 2 dramms mixe them
to the consistence of an Electuary with
syrrupe of Mints

To stay a Cough

Take shell snailes prick them and gett out as
much water as they will drop till you have the
Quantity of two or 3 spoon fulls then mixe with
itt 2 ounces of sugar or there abouts, stirr them that
all the sugar may bee moistned with itt, then
gett the dish over a chafeing dish of Coles and boyle
them gently till you perceive your sugar grow
hard att the botome after that take them off &
and make them into what forme you please
before the sugar grow to cold when itt is cold
itt will be hard and firme

To make the Juice of Liquorice

Take 5 pintes of hysop water stild in May & 2 pintes
of faire water, two pound of Liquorice of the greenest


And best, thee ryne pared off, slyce itt into little
peices and bruise itt in a Mortar, put it into a pipkin
with your aforesaid waters, steep them a whole night
the next day boile itt to thickness, you may if you
please add to the boileing of them Colts foot, hysope
wood bottonie, hore hound, & Rosemary flowers of
each an handfull, after they are boild streine them
through a linen cloath into a pan & soe sett them
in the heate of the sun stirring itt often with
a stick, till itt grow to be soe drye that you may
cutt itt in peices to make little cakes there of
you must dry them againe in the sunne, the
best time of makeing itt is in June, if your Liquorice
be too green, after you have sliced itt drye itt a little
in the sunne, before you boile, else your cakes
will not be hard.

For one that cannot hold
his water

Take white Corall in powder and carrified rhubarb
of each equall parts, mixe them and take the quantity
of what will lye on a sixe pence in Cumfry water
and red cowes milk mixt in equall portions.

A most approved Julepp which helpeth the inordinate Menses though in great extremitie of the Patient: often approved.. by Mrs


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