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An Excellent receipt for a Child
that hath ye ricketts
{A Fan}
The Bath
Take a black sheeps head put to it 3 galons of
running water, red sage red mint, []. speedwell
of each a handfull put in a handfull full of linnen raggs
boyle these till ye flesh com from the bons of ye head
then put it in an earthen pott & stop it close & bath
ye child from ye wast downeward all ye the reines
his back with ye third part of this liquid which must
not be [strained] but [] ye ingredients & all so warm
as ye childe can endure it this proporsion is for 3
nights together & you may make it twice a month at
ye beginning & ending if the childes weaknesse be much

The oyntment belonging to [it]
{A Fan}
Take a pound of butter out of ye churne beat ye
milke clears from it then take speedwell, wormwood,
rue alehoofe, featherfew, red sage, red fennell camomell,
mayden hysop, cleaves, hartes tongue, millelott, Lavander
Dill, vervane, fox ferne, setwell, brooklime, water-Cresses.
cleane all these Very well & [bauing] bruis'd them
boyle them in ye butter, when it begins to boyle, put in
halfe a quarter of an ounce of Mace & halfe a pint
of the strongest muskedine, boyle it on a soft fire for
an houre, then streine it through a course canvas
& keep it for ye use, close [stopt] when it is gold with this
oyntmt. you must anoint ye sides, ye back bone, the
thighs & ye Anckles, during ye time you annoint ye child
which should be ever after bathing, you must keep the
child rapt in a thin white cotton Cloth made like
a large long smock to cover ye infant, it is likewise very
good if ye child uses motion by being swung, or otherwise
as is proper to ye Age therof.

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